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Member of WealthCounsel

Rest assured that your revocable living trust and other estate planning documents are in good hands with us as a WealthCounsel member. You alone should be the arbiter of your legacy, not the IRS or probate courts.

Member of ElderCounsel

ElderCounsel provides education in the areas of elder law and special needs planning . Our education covers not only substantive legal theory and strategies, but we also show how to draft the documents that incorporate the legal theory and strategies we teach.

Protecting Everyone You Love And Everything You Own Through Proper Planning

New Orleans Estate Planning Attorneys

At Wealth Planning Law Group, we believe that:

  • You, not the government, should determine how your assets are distributed when you pass away
  • You should pay no more than necessary in income taxes
  • Your estate should not be gutted by onerous death taxes
  • You have a right to adequate medical care in old age, and should not lose your life savings to the high cost of obtaining long-term care
  • You should control who makes decisions about your care and finances if you become incapacitated
  • You should control who raises your minor children if you pass away suddenly
  • Your assets should be protected against creditors, predators, divorce, and even the poor decisions of your heirs themselves
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If you share these beliefs, you’ve come to the right place. We invite you to click on the tabs you see here to learn more about us and how we can protect your loved ones, your assets, your independence, and your lasting legacy. Better yet, contact us – New Orleans Estate Planning attorneys directly for an initial consultation. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you in person, get to know you, and help you accomplish your goals. We look forward to hearing from you.

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