Losing a loved one is difficult.  We take care of the legal details.

The loss of a loved one is an emotionally devastating, stressful time filled with fear of the unknown. How will you carry on without the person who passed away? How will your family cope with the loss? What will happen to your home and financial well-being? In short, what does the future hold, and what should you do right now? When you add to all of this the need to make important financial decisions about the loved one’s estate, the whole situation can seem overwhelming.

As if accomplishing all of this in a short period of time wasn’t hard enough, some successions can become considerably more complicated. Factors that can make for complex successions include the value of the property, the type of property, whether family members or other parties are contesting the succession, the decedent’s debts, and many more. It may also be necessary to open a succession quickly to pay urgent debts of the decedent, such as medical bills, funeral bills, a mortgage, or to obtain access to a safety deposit box that the decedent has rented.

At Wealth Planning Law Group, we help families navigate the succession process as efficiently and compassionately as possible. Our attorneys  understand what you are going through and can manage every detail, no matter how complex your particular succession may be. Contact us as soon as possible for an initial consultation so you and your family to focus on what is most important.

Disputes may arise.  We resolve conflicts.

Unfortunately, disputes over estate do arise. Sometimes outside parties try to get a piece of the family estate for themselves. Other times, family members disagree about how the assets should have been distributed and challenge the succession. These disputes often turn ugly. They not only tear a family apart, but also can have devastating financial consequences.

At Wealth Planning Law Group, our New Orleans Probate lawyers have years of experience helping families in will and succession contests. We strive to work with family members to resolve conflicts quickly and efficiently, and offer a fixed fee for our services. In situations where the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, we are ready, willing and eminently capable of taking the matter to trial on your behalf. As you would expect, in situations involving litigation, we are unable to work on a fixed fee basis.

If you are involved in a will and succession dispute, contact us as soon as possible for assistance in resolving it to your satisfaction.