Some clients believe that once their estate planning documents are drafted, that they are completely done with the estate planning process. But this is incorrect. Estate plans need to be regularly updated to make sure the plans comply with current Louisiana laws and that the documents reflect your current wishes and family structure (ex: marriage, divorce, children). Having an up-to-date plan will provide your family with the peace of mind of knowing that everyone they love and everything they have is protected.

Wealth Planning Law Group is one of the few law firms in Louisiana that has a client program in place for updating their estate planning documents. Clients can come to our office every year for an annual estate planning checkup. The visit is collaborative; the client and Wealth Planning Law Group team assess the planning documents, life insurance, long-term care insurance, investments, taxes, and the rest of the portfolio to ensure that everything is current and in the client’s best interests.

If you are interested in our firm’s domestic, estate planning, or annual client checkup services, please contact us at (504) 608-3174 or