As discussed in our previous blog, a prenuptial agreement is a legally binding agreement designed to protect an individual’s wealth, whether acquired prior to or during the marriage. Anyone who is getting married or who is planning on getting married should consider a prenuptial agreement. This is especially true if he or she owns real estate, owns a business, is a high-income earner, has a high debt load, has beneficiaries or heirs other than their spouse/partner, or if they have any retirement benefits.

Finances are one of the main issues leading to divorce. By discussing property and assets before walking down the aisle, couples can avoid disagreements later on. Some of the benefits of prenuptial agreements include: being able to document separate (pre-marital) property, documenting any special financial arrangements between spouses, reducing conflicts during a divorce, and avoiding extended divorce court proceedings.

If you are considering a prenuptial agreement, it is important to make considerations early. A prenuptial agreement that is set up close to the marriage date could be deemed invalid. Wealth Planning Law Group can help safeguard your assets and property from divorces, lawsuits, and creditors by negotiating and drafting prenuptial planning agreements. If you are interested in our firm’s domestic (pre-nuptial) services, please contact us at (504) 608-3174 or