A Living Will, also known as a healthcare directive or an advance directive, is a document allowing people to express their wishes concerning medical or end-of-life care.  A Living Will puts caretakers, doctors, and hospitals on notice in case of medical emergencies or if a person is unable to communicate their healthcare decisions.  This document has no authority after a person passes away.

In Louisiana specifically, a Living Will allows a person to communicate whether they want life-sustaining procedures if he or she is battling an incurable injury or illness, if they are in a continual comatose state with no chance of recovery, or if they have a terminal and irreversible condition.  A person should consider creating a Living Will in place if they do not want to have their life prolonged by artificial means.

Wealth Planning Law Group can provide expert advice on the different options available for Living Wills.  If you already have a Living Will in place, we can also make sure that the document is legally valid – so as to avoid costly medical bills and needless delays down the line.  For more information about Living Wills, you can watch Wealth Planning Law Group attorney Todd M. Villarrubia’s video blog at: http://www.lawealthplan.com/video/do-i-need-a-living-will/.  If you are interested in creating a Living Will, contact Wealth Planning Law Group at (504) 212-3440 or info@lawealthplan.com.